• Launched a national media company to the media and online sources, ToutSuite Social Club. Localized blog coverage and national coverage on Restaurant Biz, Mutineer Magazine, Yahoo News, SF Gate, etc. www.ashleyteplin.com/ToutSocial
  • Created Event, managed all Public Relations and all overall logistics for the Mutineer¬†Magazine’s Third Annual Red Carpet Event. Formulated partnerships with Blk Water, DRY Soda, La Saison, local Napa Valley chefs and others. Produced and coordinated event for the King’s Ginger Cocktail Competition with Napa’s finest local mixologists from Morimoto, Angele, Redd, Bottega, Press, Farmstead and Solage.
  • Launched major social networking campagins for @LaJotaWines, @MtBraveWines, @CardinaleWinery, @GalerieWines,¬†@ArrowoodWinery, @KitchenDoorNapa, @QualiaWines, @ToutSocial, @MtBraveWines, @FreeFlowWines. Building longterm brand awareness and a cohesive online editorial presence.


  • Widespread news coverage of MommyJuice led to distribution in over half the U.S. in just six months. Recent consumer press coverage included: The Today Show, People Magazine, OK! Magazine, and The Associated Press. Secured coverage in newspapers across the country.
  • Over 50 bloggers reviews that included Twitter mentions as well as Facebook posts. Coverage at www.mommyjuicewines.com
  • Developed and executed a vertical outreach strategy targeting vegan press and bloggers for The Vegan Vine. Lead to coverage in the top vegan and natural foods¬†publications and coverage on over 25 blogs. Coverage at www.theveganvine.com.