The Chance Meeting

It started out as an interview for the Napa Valley Register and led very quickly into a business partnership. This perfect pairing was created at one of our favorite local establishments, Angele, over multiple rounds of french fries and champagne.

About Ashley Teplin

With unlimited connections in the culinary and wine world, Ashley Nicole Teplin uses her extraordinary skill set to gain exposure and create virtual and real-world publicity for her diverse client set.  Immersed in the worlds of art, culture, wine and cuisine, she wields her expertise in public relations, media production, photography, social media advisement, culinary and fine arts to forge new networks and strengthen existing relationships among her clients. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, as well as a culinary arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She also spent two years producing trailers, TV spots and reels for top networks and film production companies like Fox, HBO and Miramax before focusing her energy on the world of public relations.

About Holly Nuss

With over twenty years of experience in marketing and public relations, Holly Nuss has a wide range of experience. From wine to consumer brands, as well as Internet, tech and wireless products, Nuss believes branding should always be the driving force in communications whether through a press release, media interview, online media outlets, blogger relationships, or social media. Nuss creates and executes focused media and blogger strategies for clients that generates targeted exposure, across a number of print and online avenues. Holly’s true passion is the thrill of securing coverage and she has garnered client coverage in everything from local newspapers and blogs to national news outlets like CNN, Forbes, The Associated Press, The Today Show, People Magazine, O Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.